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Google "Now everyone can use Google's Go language on the company's App Engine cloud platform as the company has announced that the Go runtime, which has been in development since it was announced at Google I/O, is now generally available."
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RE[7]: Oracle lawsuit
by galvanash on Wed 27th Jul 2011 03:22 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Oracle lawsuit"
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Thanks for explaining that. However, what Google has done just saves typing, but doesn't do anything related to preventing a bad structure, except hide it ;) I can see how they do it (read through all the code on a first pass to find all identifiers) and why they do it (to reduce typing, because anything you possibly do more than once exposes human error into the equation needlessly) but it doesn't change anything related to dependencies. (shrug)

I would not say they are hiding anything, rather they are making declarations intrinsic - you don't have to declare separately. The language and compiler are designed in a way that removes the need to.

When you really boil it down... If you don't need headers to "package" code into organized and useful constructs, the only purpose they serve at that point is a crutch for the compiler.

I might have concentrated on the wrong things in replying to you (I got carried away when you brought up headers and imports and what not).

When the Google developers said dependency hell, I think they might be talking about this type of scenario (as an example):

While this problem has a (usually) simple solution as demonstrated, it does represent a completely artificial issue that has nothing to do with the code you are writing or its organization - you are simply required to do things a certain way to make the compiler behave properly.

This kind of issue cannot happen in Go. However, you do lose some of the flexibility you have with headers. Its a trade-off.

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