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Debian and its clones Debian announced that they are going to introduce multiarch support for Wheezy (7.0) in 2013. Well, nice, but aren't they a little bit late now that problems are mostly sorted out and systems moved to 64-bit? This would have been great news at the time when Lenny (5.0) was released, but does it even matter in 2013? Are they just going to make things more complicated for no reason?
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The Juniper SSL VPN requires 32-bit browsers and Java to login. The lack of good 32-bit multiarch support is the main thing that kept me using Fedora over Ubuntu in the past. The ia32-libs hack is too ugly for words.

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Crufty x86-only software is whats keeping you using fedora...
Also the idea of a vpn initiated from the browser is ridiculous, a browser shouldn't have this level of access to the os.

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