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Debian and its clones Debian announced that they are going to introduce multiarch support for Wheezy (7.0) in 2013. Well, nice, but aren't they a little bit late now that problems are mostly sorted out and systems moved to 64-bit? This would have been great news at the time when Lenny (5.0) was released, but does it even matter in 2013? Are they just going to make things more complicated for no reason?
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Being derived from or "forked" from another distribution makes the difference.

N770 - fork of Debian - Maemo 2006
N800 - fork of Debian - Maemo 2007
N810 - fork of Debian - Maemo 2008
N900 - fork of Debian - Maemo 2009 (v5)

N950 - merger of Maemo and Moblin - Meego (version?)

Nokia made Maemo by forking Debian and modifying it specifically for Nokia's hardware. Intel created Moblin (a redhat fork?) for general use on mobile and enbedded devices. They merged into a single distribution last year or the year before which is what the N950 runs.

Rumour is that the N950 only has a small number of units available which are being leant out to QT developers instead of sold. Is this true? Booo.. I'd love to get hands on an N950 as a final upgrade from the N900 in the Nokia MIDs line.

Ideally, I still want a phone/tablet sized device runing stock Debian. Until then, Meego looks to be the closest to a proper general purpose distro on a mobile device. IOS and Android are certainly not GP distros.

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