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Legal Two different graphs. Both happen to be published at Ars Technica, with one of them coming from a different source. Seemingly completely unrelated, but when you ponder the waterfall of recent lawsuit-related news, these two graphs suddenly tell all there is to tell. These two innocent little graphs illustrate why Apple is attacking Android so ferociously.
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The real issue
by Alexandre on Thu 28th Jul 2011 09:36 UTC
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Some of my thoughts:
Apple is selling very well, and I think they are not worried for not being the leaders on sales charts.
Microsoft has made much more money in its history than Apple, Microsoft is going down, but Apple has a lot to catch up on being as successful as MS history shows.
Android is leading the growth on smart phones, google is capable of amazing things, the trend will keep on.
Software patents are normally silly, but hey if Apple can use a weapon that works they will use it... but it's not pretty. Again Google is keeping their image clean being the "nice guys".
I wonder what if google removes access to google applications to iOS?!!?! Is that even possible?! No gmail, no google maps, .... that would mean war!... I don't believe on that.
I personally believe that Android is better than iOS but being less "refined", but the important part in this equation for Apple is not about being the best or not, is about being fashion, and eventually Apple will loose it. They are not making people dependent on Apple technology like Microsoft have done with Windows... and I think also Google is being able to do it. Apple still have the prettiest "gadgets".

My prediction:
Microsoft is out of smart mobile market and is going to take Nokia down with them.
Rim will keep falling.
Apple will be reaching the peak in 1 or 2 years (maybe sooner), they will start falling slowly... and then faster... unless they come up with something new.
Android will be the leading platform in mobile computing by a large margin.
If google is able to make a viable alternative to office, Microsoft will have to find "another job".

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RE: The real issue
by molnarcs on Thu 28th Jul 2011 18:32 in reply to "The real issue"
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Not a bad assessment. I'm not sure about Microsoft though. Remember that WinMo 7 is a good system praised by critics in almost every publication. Presently, they simply lack distribution channels, because all manufacturers are caught up in the phenomenal success of Android. Why would they extend their portfolio and confuse potential users? Apple has such a huge brand presence that they would just chose an iPhone if things gets complicated in the rest of the mobile market.

However, Microsoft has NOKIA. True, they are rather late to market, but Nokia still has a huge distribution channel. Yes, they are sliding rapidly, but the time window for recovery is more than a year. If they get out their new WinMo 7 models within that time frame, they'll quickly get a 10-15% market share within another year. That's what most analysts predict for the reasons I mention here (10+% WinMo marketshare within 3 years). Unless they make some huge mistakes along the way, that's quite doable I think. We'll see.

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