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Legal Two different graphs. Both happen to be published at Ars Technica, with one of them coming from a different source. Seemingly completely unrelated, but when you ponder the waterfall of recent lawsuit-related news, these two graphs suddenly tell all there is to tell. These two innocent little graphs illustrate why Apple is attacking Android so ferociously.
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beefs with the iOS
by torjv on Sat 30th Jul 2011 03:35 UTC
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I'm wondering why no droidis never mention the complete and utterly failure with the iOS HMI design. The iOS/droid battle is easy won by droid in the HMI.

As a open minded droidling, I wonder why Apple have placed all actions on top while the main button is at the bottom. Another thing that droid wins, is the GUI logic, based on personal experience, why place Bluetooth operations under "General #stuff" and not as droid does it, "Wireless #stuff"?

An other reason I feel that the iOS HMI logic sucks big time is, that it could be that I'm a too advance user to understand their logic, the bluetooth point was made when my old- (almost prewar)school, "I do not need help, I'm gonna fix it myself" dad, ask me for help to tether his iPhone to this car".

He complained about too low a volume.

I feel that the iOS speaks to my dad(who loves simple, but want a droid for it's features) or fashion guys/girls that want to make a "statement of them self" and, like in the old days, wears LEVIS 501 pants, just too be different.

I could be wrong, because I do not understand why people want to choose an inferior and overpriced product, over a sensible and logic product that does not tries to limit your options..

The author of this comment, is by no means a fan of any sort regarding brand /or OS when commenting on Osnews.
This person's wet dream, is a Haiku based smart phone, with Be Inc's(Haiku's) developer madness OS.

"HAIKU, evig!"

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