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Editorial Your computer is an important energy consumer in your home. Can you save energy when using it? This article offers a few tips.
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Comment by fran
by fran on Tue 2nd Aug 2011 23:51 UTC
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Great article as usual.
Sorry if i repeat anything you already said below.

I sometimes build custom gaming pc's on order and can share a few pointers.

1.Check if your computer's PSU (power supplied unit) is 80 Plus certified.
Many pc manufacturers uses generic psu's that don’t quality under 80 Plus certification.
Check, or let someone qualified check it for you and if not 80+ certified it's a good idea to replace it. 80 Plus certified psu's is not even that expensive. It might also make your pc run quieter.
There is three 80 Plus certifications. Bronze, Silver and Gold.

2. LED screen uses less energy than LCD's
Rather use LED screen.

3. When adding a second 3.5" Sata hdd go for the "green ones".
For instance Western Digital caviar Green
Seagate barracuda Green
These drives switch off when inactive.

4.The firmware of motherboard sometimes installs a control centre with tweaking options like "eco mode" among other options.

5. AMD Cool and Quit activated via your bios and then from desktop can save a lot power. see below.

6.Hardware Aids in power usage.



Whit this product you can conveniently switch off discs in a multi disk configuration.

7. Even some Ram can come in ecoform now a days.
Kingston Hyper-X LoVo ( Green )

And lastly.
Our pc is many times overkill for what we use them for.
If you are only going to use spreadsheets, read email you wont need to buy a high spec pc.

Some new Mobo/cpu's unit in one has come out with lower power consumption but still respectable speed and other bells and whistles.
For instance.
AMD 350 Brazos that uses lots less energy but they still have high def.,hdmi outs,Sata6G, USB3 and many other features while using much less energy.


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RE: Comment by fran
by gfx1 on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 13:13 in reply to "Comment by fran"
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Replacing an ordinary PSU with a energy efficient one, dropped the noise level and almost halved the powerusage
(now less than 40 Watt idle) on one machine. Largest powersaving is a Mac mini (usually below 20 Watt 13 Watt when idle) but it takes a long time to recoup the Apple tax ;)

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RE: Comment by fran
by howardfci on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 22:25 in reply to "Comment by fran"
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Excellent points. Thanks for adding this useful information.

My apologies to everyone for inexplicably renaming the wattmeter/multimeter a voltmeter. Glad to see most folks overlooked this goofy error and focused on the useful points in the article.

-- Howard Fosdick

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