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Privacy, Security, Encryption The cost of a data breach per year is on the rise, and a significant percentage of data loss is from stolen or lost company laptops. It’s time to act. Sandro Villinger describes how to determine if you’re doing enough to prevent such a disaster in your IT department by locking down or even remote wiping laptops, with details specific to most popular OSes.
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by _xmv on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 07:26 UTC
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Funny how filevault isnt even mentionned and how fail stuff like facial recognition is recommended.

beside if the laptop sleep - and it most likely does, no auth will help if the attacker is good since the key is in memory and he has physical access. specially if you have firewire or lightpeak. quite a bit harder if you dont.

not all that security relevant if you ask me.

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