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by transputer_guy on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 18:49 UTC in reply to "RE: More"
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"LED-backlit LCDs were probably less expensive to make from the very start of their mass-production"

That is probably over stating the situation, but today the cross over point has more or less arrived for the sweet spot around 20" to 23". Today it seems CC tubes are finally going away for the commodity market.

For the higher end at the 24" to 30" panels the price difference is way more marked, perhaps the engineering is still tougher for large area edge lighting, and you also get into TN vs IPS issues and color gamut and professional use issues.

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RE[3]: More
by zima on Sun 7th Aug 2011 12:53 in reply to "RE[2]: More"
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Maybe, maybe not. The screens are generally almost identical, except for the type of edge-placed back-lights* ...which should be at least very comparable in cost (especially since CCFL need a relatively fancy power source); LED having probably lower future costs of disposal (which nowadays need to be often factored-in) or greater reliability (less warranty returns)

Additionally, overall, you don't need to search very far to find plenty of examples of human irrationality, especially when it comes to purchasing dynamics. I see no particular reason why it wouldn't be the case in this field. Or at least what was in the interest on non-consumers in the equation, to clear their warehouses and supply chains.

* And even for a notably different screens, those with a LED array behind the panel, something happened around half a year ago (in my part of the woods) which made them well entrenched into the segment of ...perhaps not the cheapest possible choices, but very much "a fairly typical, average-priced TV" (with large, ~40" LCD panels; yes, in a bit different league, always topping at 1080p for one; but I see no clear reason for back-light engineering to be much different in smaller, higher DPI panels)

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