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Web 2.0 This week Apple finally lit up its cloud-based service for developers, letting some of us take a sneak peek at the new service.
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RE[2]: Convenient but
by BallmerKnowsBest on Thu 4th Aug 2011 13:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Convenient but"
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Funnily enough apple is one of the few companies that you can trust with your data simply due to their target Market. Apples profits come from selling macs and iOS devices, which means that the cloud service is another way like iTunes to get you onto their platform and to stay with their platform. Google on the other hand gets it's profits from ad's which is more likely to lead them to share your data with advertises to increase their revenue.

You've just cherry-picked one factor that doesn't really make Apple look better, and then spun it to put them in a more positive light.

Fortunately, two can play that game. For instance: Google is primarily a provider of services which are used by many, MANY more people than Apple's products. So Google has a lot more to lose if they started pulling shenanigans with user data.

Google is also largely OS/platform-agnostic, whereas Apple does everything they can to tie their products & services together (and to lock users of one into the other). Your data is only safe with Apple until they come up with a way to leverage it for lock-in or to prevent competition.

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