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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y The Google-Microsoft patent war of words is continuing. Yesterday, Google (rightfully so, in my book) accused Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle partaking in an organised patent attack against Android, instead of competing on merit, claiming that they bought up Novell's and Nortel's patents solely to attack Android and its device makers. Microsoft struck back, claiming Google was offered to join in on the bids for the Novell patents, but rejected the offer. Google has now responded to this accusation - and to make matters even more confusing, Microsoft responded back. A public shouting match between two powerful parties? Count me in!
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RE: Google & software patents
by JAlexoid on Fri 5th Aug 2011 01:14 UTC in reply to "Google & software patents"
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Many people have bought Android phones on the recommendations of one or more of those tech connoisseurs, and from personal experience I know many that will never buy another, simply finding Android too confusing / complicated / inconsistent / unstable. Despite the rhetoric bandied around here, my personal approach is to tell people to go try out both, without the assistance of any salesperson, talk to non-techy people that they know who own one or the other, and make up their own mind. By a large margin those people have gone the iOS path.

And many more people don't have the techy friends. Or actually went into the store and decided that they were missing something in iOS. I have as much anecdotal evidence as you, yet it's very much irrelevant.

The only problem, is that you give non-techie people too little credit. A lot of them can easily select the right phone they need and evaluate all the upsides and downsides, especially women.

The proliferation of Android phones has been driven purely by the carriers and marketing.

And others got where they are due to magic dust?

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