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Linux Linux on the desktop seems to be the perennial second class citizen, but with Adobe's upcoming 64 Bit Flash 11 beta, Linux is getting a seat at the adults' table. It's being released for Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously.
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adobe released flash11 beta month ago
by ulrus on Fri 5th Aug 2011 17:19 UTC
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old news repost, Flash Player 64bit for Linux released 13 jul.

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Yeah, and the idiots still can't figure out how to use DRI and complain how it is technically not possible to accelerate graphics on the LINUX side.

Meanwhile every program I have is DRI accelerated with the latest 7.11 Mesa libs.

I want Flash to go away. Even better take Adobe with it.

They make crap and blow up more browser pages than any single plugin on the internet that Apple goes to great lengths to also avoid Adobe products.

Go go HTML 5 for Video and Audio on the net!


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