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OSNews, Generic OSes Mona OS 0.3.4 has been released. Screenshots (1 | (2 | (3 | (4). Added Facebook application written in Scheme, Ported w3m text browser. Now you can tweet and check Gmail from Mona OS., Ported mg (Emacs clone), Kernel and core components become more stable and faster, New simple shell written in Scheme. They're considering porting webkit on the next release.
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by earksiinni on Fri 5th Aug 2011 21:35 UTC
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That's pretty awesome actually. Perhaps the only usable/productive hobby OS in existence?

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RE: Rly?
by Elv13 on Sat 6th Aug 2011 01:26 in reply to "Rly?"
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Facebook is anti-productive, so that cancel out any productivity improvements. Facebook is the plague. It is the only thing more distracting at work than the Internet (Facebook excluded, of course).

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RE[2]: Rly?
by Megol on Sat 6th Aug 2011 16:21 in reply to "RE: Rly?"
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Just don't use it then. Unless it's used for work communication that is (but that would indicate a fucked up workplace in itself)...

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RE: Rly?
by cb88 on Sat 6th Aug 2011 06:14 in reply to "Rly?"
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So you've never heard of Haiku OS or you don't consider it productive O.o?

I find it quite nice and innovative as well myself. Probably more productive than Mona for any purpose.

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RE[2]: Rly?
by earksiinni on Sat 6th Aug 2011 13:11 in reply to "RE: Rly?"
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I figured someone would bring up Haiku at some point. It's not that I don't consider it to be productive, rather I don't consider Haiku to be just a hobby OS =)

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