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Editorial Your computer is an important energy consumer in your home. Can you save energy when using it? This article offers a few tips.
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by zima on Sun 7th Aug 2011 12:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: More"
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Maybe, maybe not. The screens are generally almost identical, except for the type of edge-placed back-lights* ...which should be at least very comparable in cost (especially since CCFL need a relatively fancy power source); LED having probably lower future costs of disposal (which nowadays need to be often factored-in) or greater reliability (less warranty returns)

Additionally, overall, you don't need to search very far to find plenty of examples of human irrationality, especially when it comes to purchasing dynamics. I see no particular reason why it wouldn't be the case in this field. Or at least what was in the interest on non-consumers in the equation, to clear their warehouses and supply chains.

* And even for a notably different screens, those with a LED array behind the panel, something happened around half a year ago (in my part of the woods) which made them well entrenched into the segment of ...perhaps not the cheapest possible choices, but very much "a fairly typical, average-priced TV" (with large, ~40" LCD panels; yes, in a bit different league, always topping at 1080p for one; but I see no clear reason for back-light engineering to be much different in smaller, higher DPI panels)

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