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Graphics, User Interfaces Since we're on a CLI kick today, here's an "attempt at presenting some of the most important guidelines for CLI design."
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RE[2]: Gawd awful guidelines ...
by foregam on Sun 7th Aug 2011 17:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Gawd awful guidelines ..."
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I wouldn't call it pleasure. It's more consistent, yes (e.g. only one way to pass options) but highly unorthogonal too. SET and SHOW are the best examples — it's the same old idea "let's make it feel like English" that begat COBOL.

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Actually my two issues with Powershell are the stupid ps1 extension even for Powershell 2.0 scripts, and the way you need to sprinkle your code with .Net annotations when creating scripts.

I use it as a better shell that is Windows native, but when the time comes to write scripts I prefer Python or F#.

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I was referring to DCL, not Powershell. Maybe I'm a bit unfair and what I actually don't like is VMS underneath DCL. I definitely don't like its kitchensink philosophy, though I'm impressed as hell by its stability, security features and clustering capabilities. OTOH OpenBSD has those too, in addition to a much saner environment.

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