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Multimedia, AV In a blog post, John Luther, the Project Manager of Google's WebM Project, has announced that Skype now supports the VP8 codec. The VP8 support is already available for Windows users who are using Skype 5.5. VP8 will be used to encode and decode the Skype video call if both the caller and receiver have clients that support the codec.
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VP8 Codec SDK "Cayuga" Released
by lemur2 on Mon 8th Aug 2011 00:44 UTC
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Relevant to applications like Skype:

The WebM project has announced the third upgrade release of the WebM codec, codenamed "Cayuga", targetting more areas for encoder speed improvements.

"detailed improvements made in the libvpx Cayuga encoder:

Improved the datarate control in one-pass realtime compression.
Improved one-pass variable bitrate (VBR) visual quality by average ~7% across a large collection of videos.
Improved video conferencing user experience through error concealment, a feature that produces high visual quality frames even under conditions of substantial packet loss.
Improved the ARM v6 and v7 encoders and decoders through greater use of SIMD features and strong use of cache prefetching. "

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