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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yes, another item, right away. I'm on the hunt for a mini-ITX motherboard for use in a living room HTPC, and considering there's so much choice out there, I'm a little confused. Then I realised I have you people to help me out, and, well, one thing led to another.
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Windows 8 runs on ARM... why not wait on that then?

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Well, my guess is that if he wants to run Windows, it's in order to use some Windows applications. He only mentions that it's for work, so we never now, but that probably includes more than Office. And current Windows 7 x86 applications are not being recompiled for Windows 8 ARM anytime soon...

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It's most likely possible to virtualize x86 apps within Windows 8. But I guess he will most likely opt for the WINTEL platform as a whole.
It's what I battle with every since I discovered open source. Nobody even wants to try something new even if it better simply because it's unknown.
Can't blame him for using Windows but for someone on OSNews describing the things he is going to use it for (File sharing, video streaming, etc.) I would have expected the use of an alternate OS.
Using an alternate OS can, in this case, even run on cheaper hardware.

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