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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yes, another item, right away. I'm on the hunt for a mini-ITX motherboard for use in a living room HTPC, and considering there's so much choice out there, I'm a little confused. Then I realised I have you people to help me out, and, well, one thing led to another.
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RE[4]: AMD E-350
by garyd on Mon 8th Aug 2011 19:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: AMD E-350"
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If you do have to buy a fan think of getting one with manual speed setting outside the case.

For case fans, I'd recommend anything with two ball bearings and an potentiometer for manual control. If you're going to go with AMD, there's no sense in buying the last generation unless you stumble on a really good bargain. I've recently built a system with an AMD A6-3650 Llano APU and used a Rosewill RFX-80BL case fan (80mm, dual bb, and pot). There are several FM1 socket motherboards available from the best vendors but you'll probably find that bare bones systems are cheaper to buy than if you bought all the parts separately. The AMD Llano series have reviewed well for both low-midrange gaming systems and I've seen at least one HTPC oriented review (Anandtech?).

If you want to go with an entirely passive cooled system, I'd recommend looking at the Shuttle XS35GT-804 which is an Intel Atom D510 with an Nvidia ION GPU. Expect to pay a little more since these are basically netbook parts in a tiny barebones desktop case. The oly downside is that it can only take up to 2 Gb RAM but that should be sufficient for most single task HTPC needs. Optionally, it can take a slim Blu-Ray player to round out your HTPC options. Again, this will probably be a more expensive option but its footprint is ideal if you want to minimize the space it uses near your display.

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RE[5]: AMD E-350
by Kivada on Tue 9th Aug 2011 05:49 in reply to "RE[4]: AMD E-350"
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The reason to why to stick with the E-350 is the low power of 18w TDP compared to the 45w TDP of the A6 and that there are currently no A4 series APUs in the desktop market, though they would have a higher draw then the E-350.

Atom+ION2 only have an edge in Linux when using VDPAU, since Thom is looking for something for Windows, the E-350/HD6310 soundly beat any Atom+ION2 setup in any real world test for the same power draw.

As for fans, I'd get something with a beefy fanless block and see if you can mount one of those 1000RPM or less fluid dynamic bearing fans, I know some re as low as 800RPM at 12v and wont be able to spin up till after the heat load hits a point where the fan controller would push 7v to it if the fan wasn't already spun up at post. these FDB and S-FDB fans are very quiet nd are rated to have a very long life span.

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