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Windows "Microsoft is right on schedule with this month's Windows Vista CTP. We had to really pull some strings to get this release slightly ahead of schedule, but we managed it and it's our pleasure to bring you our initial analysis of the new build, titled 5231. It's becoming clear that Microsoft is serious about Vista, as it keeps getting better with every CTP release."
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by ZaNkY on Thu 20th Oct 2005 02:41 UTC
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lol, well This website seems to be giving a Nano away...... YOU BEGONE! lol

There are some nice people in this world, I'm asking for one of them to help me out. I don;t plan on using Vista in the long run, but to be able to try it would be nice so that I could actually have a REAL oppinion for using it. Everyone that says "Vista sucks" without having at least tried it is just foolish. You can say it after, but first you gotta try it.

Free cars, eh? Not bad of an idea..... ;)

I'll look into it ;)

Actually, come to think of it, you can. It's called: TEST DRIVE. You won;t be using the car for the long run, but you can use it for maybe 30 min? ;)
Likewise with Vista


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RE: @rockwell
by on Fri 21st Oct 2005 06:29 in reply to "@rockwell"
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Copies of Vista build 5231 have been widely available through dem torrent sites...Not that I would ever risk irking Billy by actually visiting one...:p

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