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Legal Okay, I didn't see this one coming. German press agency dpa is reporting that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction barring Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being distributed in the entire European Union except for The Netherlands, over a design patent. Competition at its finest, people, and this is clearly in the interest of consumers. I'm ashamed to be European. Updates in the article now. This iterative update process isn't really working when you've got a gazillion of them.
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Sure Samsung is not a European Company
by theTSF on Tue 9th Aug 2011 17:51 UTC
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In terms of tech news you see Europe will often make rules that favor European based companies over American... However when they are not European they will then tend to favor the American Company.

Even though in today world money is spread everywhere these prejudices still happen.

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This is all very much different from how the US market operates where US courts will often make rules that favor US based companies over European... (and so on.. and so forth..)

Sadly, they are all playing the same game.

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