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Legal Day 2 is underway in the Apple v. Samsung case in The Netherlands, a microcosm of what would have happened in Germany, had Germany implemented the concept of due process. Most interesting bit so far? Samsung is using the Knight Ridder tablet from 1994 as a case of prior art. I was unaware of this device, but be sure to watch the video - this is an iPad. Amazing. This doesn't actually surprise me though - my father worked at a large newspaper company his entire life until he retired a few years ago, and in the early '90s, he already attended demonstrations of devices like this, taking home promotional material that amazed my child brain. This was supposed to be the future of newspapers, until development on these kinds of devices suddenly halted - my father never understood why. Update: Forgot to mention that like yesterday, Andreas Udo de Haes, editor at, present in the court room, is covering this. This time, in English. Update II: Samsung has presented 20 cases of prior art for both tablets and smartphones. Update III: I'm liking Samsung's lawyers.
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Simple idea: "If I don't, you will"
by bloodline on Thu 11th Aug 2011 16:37 UTC
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I could be wrong, but I suspect this is a case of Apple making sure it gets there first... If there are crappy patent laws and "Community Design" which can be used to stop a company from selling a product, you can guarantee that someone *WILL* use them and if Apple doesn't use them first, someone else will use ten against Apple.

Not trying to exhonourate Apple here, but I would put money on Samsung's lawyers kicking themselves for not finding this "Community Design" thing first. I don't blame any company for using these crappy laws/patents/etc... It's our fault (not us personally), as we voted in our law makers (actually my choice has never been elected, but still).

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"Not trying to exhonerate Apple here", just trying to exhonerate Apple here.

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By this logic, the US should do a nuclear strike against China so that China can't bomb them first if a psychopath arrives at the head of the country.

Some weapons shouldn't be used, or even manufactured. And it's the same with some legal artillery really. Main difference is, laws can be suppressed in a relatively straightforward way, whereas there's no sure way to make all nuclear weapons disappear from the face of the Earth.

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