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Microsoft Microsoft no longer thinks Linux poses a threat to its desktop Windows business. Directions on Microsoft's Wes Miller pointed out via Twitter how Microsoft has changed the boilerplate "Competition" section in its last two annual financial filings with the SEC.
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No more a competitor
by spiderman on Fri 12th Aug 2011 06:17 UTC
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Microsoft has learned to profit from linux via patent trolling. They've learned through they recent successes that they can troll and profit from linux just as much as from their own product, or even more.
Therefore linux is no more a thread but a new cash cow instead.

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RE: No more a competitor
by flanque on Fri 12th Aug 2011 08:13 in reply to "No more a competitor"
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MacOS is more a threat. Mobile computing is the future anyways. Linux desktops barely blip on the radar. It's inferior, inconsistent and lacks any real unified direction.

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RE[2]: No more a competitor
by TechGeek on Fri 12th Aug 2011 14:34 in reply to "RE: No more a competitor"
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And yet Linux is everywhere. Linux is running on more hardware and devices than any other OS. The desktop market is rapidly changing and desktop and mobile environments merge.

I'll tell you what Linux gives me that I would kill for in Windows. Integrated updates. I build my fedora box, I have it up to date all the time, never have to screw with it. In Windows, 6 months after I install the software, I have to go hunt down new versions and reinstall it all. A few things auto update themselves, but not most.

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RE[2]: No more a competitor
by riversj on Tue 16th Aug 2011 00:18 in reply to "RE: No more a competitor"
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"It's inferior, inconsistent and lacks any real unified direction."

There is no denying the lack of consistency however some consider this more of a strength than a weakness.
As for it being inferior, you are incorrect. Lower resource usage, multi user security model, modular drivers !> inferior.

Unfortunately you are correct with the lack of direction, it will keep Linux off the mainstream desktop forever.

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