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Legal Earlier this week, we were introduced to a new concept in intellectual property law: the European 'Community Design'. The Community Design is a sort of trademark on design, and sits halfway between a trademark and a patent. I decided to investigate what, exactly, the laws and regulations around Community Designs are, and what I found was shocking. Think the USPTO is bad? Wait until you learn about the Community Design.
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RE: the Australian system
by kristoph on Fri 12th Aug 2011 22:05 UTC in reply to "the Australian system"
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Umm, no. The Australian system is actually much more rational the most. It acknowledges that the patent examiner has no hope of actually understanding most patents and so it will grant them without a thorough search of prior art. However, the patent can be invalidated in court through prior art and this happens reasonably often.

It's also not as expensive to get a patent in Australia and because judges care more about fairness then due process is cheaper to defend against a patent.

Also the weather is great, the girls are really nice looking, and as long as you don't live in Sydney it's reasonably cheap. So, yeah, mate, you have nothing to complain about.


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