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OSNews, Generic OSes InfoWorld's Galen Gruman highlights 18 technologies that remain core to the computing experience for IT, engineers, and developers 25 to 50 years since their inception. From Cobol, to the IBM mainframe, to C, to x86, these high-tech senior citizens not only keep kicking but provide the foundations for many vital systems that keep IT humming.
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RE[8]: Infoworld
by Kebabbert on Sun 14th Aug 2011 09:53 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Infoworld"
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Mainframe have never been marketed for CPU-intensive tasks. They're highly reliable machines designed to handle large-I/O applications, which is why you seem them used for airline reservation systems and other similar things which require low latency and a large number of concurrent users.

So we agree then that Mainframe cpus have weak cpus? That Intels latest high end server cpus are much faster?

Of course I also agree on the rest of what you say. I have never denied that Mainframes have superior I/O. You can not find any posts from me, saying something else. Because I know Mainframes have good I/O. I have never disputed that. 296.000 I/O channels and lot of I/O cpus help a lot.

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