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OSNews, Generic OSes InfoWorld's Galen Gruman highlights 18 technologies that remain core to the computing experience for IT, engineers, and developers 25 to 50 years since their inception. From Cobol, to the IBM mainframe, to C, to x86, these high-tech senior citizens not only keep kicking but provide the foundations for many vital systems that keep IT humming.
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I dont understand people that dont understand what I claim. I have ONLY said that Mainframes cpus are weak. I dont understand why people would want to say "hey, our Mainframe can handle lot of I/O - you are wrong!". No, I am not wrong. I have never talked about their I/O, I have been talking about their CPUs. Please read my posts again.

Their CPUs may be slow by some measures, but if that was a concern, the architecture would simply change.

Mainframers like myself never speak in terms of CPU power because that is not a design consideration for a mainframe system. Bringing it up serves no purpose, really. What's the point? Get a supercomputer if you want to do number crunching .. that's what they're designed for.

Your statement about CPUs is much like criticizing a freight train because it can't accelerate quickly. Yeah, that's true. So? ;)

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