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Legal Dutch news website investigated the claim that Apple supplied the German court with tampered evidence, and their research is pretty self-explanatory. I don't have the time to translate the article for you, but the images speak about ten thousands words; Apple has changed the aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a side-by-side comparison (while also showing Android's application drawer open instead of showing the home screen, but the article doesn't mention that). Come on, Apple. Update: As Gusar notes, Apple also Photoshopped the Samsung logo off the bezel. Real classy, Apple.
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So far I've been pleasantly suprised by the lack of apple fanboy comments on this topic. My general point is that here lately on OSnews almost every single apple vs. samsung topic has had people commenting on them saying the same tired "Ipads are teh number 1 and android sucks"

You know, it's funny...I frequent this site daily, yet I haven't seen the overflow of Apple apologists you claim to see. In fact, the overwhelming sentiment lately seems to be "Apple sucks for this dastardly shit" even from their admitted fans and former fans. Yeah, there are one or two fanboy holdouts, but they are quickly modded down and ignored as background noise.

Could it be that you are looking for a fight where there is none?

I'm glad to see that even the apple users posting on this topic are saying that if apple altered the images that they shouldn't be allowed to use them as evidence.

It's not just this one topic, there is a general loathing of Apple among OSNews readers and has been for a while. Just look at how many times Thom has been attacked for supposedly being an Apple fanboy despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. If anything I'd say the Apple fanboy is an endangered species around here.

Then you have people like me who still love the Apple OSes and even some of the hardware, but despise the company for shit like this. I'm not alone in that sentiment either.

so if I stepped on anyone's toes, sorry that wasn't my intent.

No problem here, I just wanted to share my viewpoint. ;)

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Couldn't agree more.

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