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Being British... [warning - Trivia]
by henderson101 on Wed 17th Aug 2011 13:28 UTC
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...Snigger means "to laugh" in the sense this article means and "Snicker" is the dumb name they gave to the Marathon bar.

cf: - specifically:

"In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Snickers was formerly sold under the brand name Marathon until 1990."

I'd never even heard of the term "Snickers" outside of confectionery till the Internet boom in the mid 90's.

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It's very popular in The Netherlands. Snickers, Bounty, Mars and Twix (f.k.a. Raiders) are the usual suspects in any place they sell candy bars.

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Sniggers satisfies?

For the record, Sniggers is not in my English (US) dictionary.

Though I agree with you, besides, US English < UK English.

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