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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Who is Microsoft fooling? Other than on the desktop, Linux is eating its lunch, and it's only going to get worse for Microsoft."
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RE: Linux on desktop
by demetrioussharpe on Wed 17th Aug 2011 14:22 UTC in reply to "Linux on desktop"
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Linux did not won desktop wars for content consumers or office workers. But if you're an engineer, you're working on big servers, you're processing lot of data, Linux on desktop is nowadays the only way to go. So for the people who are coming from UNIX workstations, who are using terminal a lot, Linux is king of the desktop and will hardly ever go away.

Unfortunately, for Linux, those people are in the minority compared to the average joe computer user.

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RE[2]: Linux on desktop
by zlynx on Wed 17th Aug 2011 17:01 in reply to "RE: Linux on desktop"
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Yeah, but they have a lot of money to spend and they buy expensive high performance hardware.

Notice that Nvidia provides Linux binary drivers of the highest quality, equal to their Windows drivers. It'd be interesting to compare their sales of Quadro GPUs with Linux use. I bet that the correlation is quite high.

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RE[2]: Linux on desktop
by kloty on Wed 17th Aug 2011 22:52 in reply to "RE: Linux on desktop"
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Sure, but the question is, if Linux should become everyones darling OS at all. Look what happens with MacOSX right now, more and more professionals are leaving the plattform.

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