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Legal So, the shadiness factor of the German EU-wide injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to continue. Not only has Apple been caught supplying the court with tampered evidence, it now seems the court in Duesseldorf didn't have the authority to ban the Galaxy Tab EU-wide - at least, according to a German court which has just lifted the EU-wide ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
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RE[2]: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by tupp on Wed 17th Aug 2011 17:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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There is no doubt Samsung copied Apple's design, nor what Samsung motivated to build tablets (it wasn't the 1994 Knight Rider).

That's correct! Apple invented the touchscreen device with rounded corners and a shiny, black, flush bezel, and it has the exclusive right to make tablets!

Why just look at this early Ipad concept:

SEE! Apple had already invented the black shiny bezel long before they announced..., er, uh... Oh. Sorry, but it appears that the link actually shows a CrunchPad prototype from six months before the Ipad was first announced. My bad...

Alright, then consider this early Iphone prototype!:

There you go! Apple was showing the rounded, flush, black bezel long before they... Um... sorry again. It seems that the device shown in the link is actually an LG Prada phone, which was winning design awards four months before the Iphone was announced.

Okay. Well, Apple certainly invented an array of icons on a touchscreen device. Here's a very early Apple concept for such an icon array:

Gotcha! Sorry Android fanboys! This icon array is an exclusive Apple concept! We are the superior... crap... Evidently, this image is a screenshot of Palm OS (from a touchscreen phone), which has been around for about a decade prior to the Iphone.


Apple fanboys! How can you think with a straight face that Apple has any exclusive rights to a touchscreen device with a rounded, shiny black, flush bezel? Such a device was demonstrated in a video in 1994. I'll spell-out the date just in case the bolded number didn't make it through the fog of the RDF -- nineteen ninety-four!

And you think that adding an array of icons makes an Iphone/Ipad unique?


Samsung's motivation is immaterial -- Apple did not invent touchscreen devices with an icon array and a flush, shiny black bezel with rounded corners.

The Google people on this site say it's good for innovation if companies copy each other.

There's no such thing as "Google people." The only folks who invest their identity and emotion into a product to such a psycho degree are the Apple fanboys. The arguments here are often simply "Apple Fanboys vs. 'those with common sense.'"

Where I think Samsung went too far is when it made a number of icons look like iOS ones and even copied the packaging. There is no need for that, unless you want customers to think a Galaxy Tab is an iPad too.

The "look" of icons is often very subjective. For the sake of this discussion, it's not even worth comparing the two sets of icons. If push came to shove, Samsung could just use other icons and its product would function just as well.

The packaging? It's okay for Samsung to use a box, right? Do they have the right to use a white box?


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RE[3]: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by MOS6510 on Wed 17th Aug 2011 18:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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Dude, chill out.

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I find it disturbing that posts like that can get positive votes.

Got nothing against the content, pretty much agree with it in fact, but the form is extremely aggressive and flamewar-inducing, which is IIRC the exact definition of a troll.

How do you expect someone to react to that, exactly ? Through calm and civilized discussion ? Or do you think that your point of view is so superior that it will shut all mouths ?

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RE[4]: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by MOS6510 on Wed 17th Aug 2011 20:44 in reply to "RE[3]: Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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He was replying to me, I think, but he is indeed overly agressive and twisting my words. It's so weird I don't even bother putting it all straight.

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RE[4]: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by melkor on Thu 18th Aug 2011 04:43 in reply to "RE[3]: Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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Aww, poor diddums. Did someone rain on your parade and shoot your argument(s) down with some good old fashioned common sense and evidence? tsk tsk, how dare they!

The OP that you bitched about gets my vote because he pretty much says it as it is, with none of the mindless, inane, dronish babble that the current Apple fans present.

You are most welcome to call me a troll. I couldn't care less. I'm more concerned with the truth, and real competition in the market, and stopping legal bullies like Apple from abusing the law and monopolising the market.


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RE[3]: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by melkor on Thu 18th Aug 2011 04:40 in reply to "RE[2]: Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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Amen, you hit the nail right on the head.

The sad fact, and I've said it on osnews many years ago, is that Apple fanboys are the worst amongst the bunch. They will defend Apple to the death, and bad mouth anyone who dares criticise Apple or stand up to their legal bullying.

Go google! Go Samsung. Kick the shit out of Apple in the courts.


PS this sort of BS that Apple is doing is EXACTLY why I believe software patents, and indeed all patents, should be bloody well banned. They encourage monopolisation of the market, and are directly anti competitive in nature, and they stifle innovation and consumer markets. The sooner they are banned globally, the better for all consumders, for all businesses.

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