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Privacy, Security, Encryption Researchers have found a weakness in the AES algorithm. They managed to come up with a clever new attack that can recover the secret key four times easier than anticipated by experts. In the last decade, many researchers have tested the security of the AES algorithm, but no flaws were found so far. The new attack applies to all versions of AES even if it used with a single key. The attack shows that finding the key of AES is four times easier than previously believed; in other words, AES-128 is more like AES-126.
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RE[6]: AES-254
by Kebabbert on Thu 18th Aug 2011 10:45 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: AES-254"
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The assumption is that the computing power stays constant.
If computer speed doubles every 18 months then the problem can be solved in 0.01 seconds 300 years from now, given the same amount of processing power, relatively. This is not taking into account algorithmic improvements.

Just like today we find historic ciphers like the Caesar cipher laughably easy to crack, the future will find AES256 easy to crack.

Not necessarily. Say that you need to try more combinations than there are atoms on earth to find a solution - do you really think that future will find it easy?

If you have 2^64 coins, then the pile would reach from the nearest star (alpha centauri), and back again. How far is it to the nearest star? If you could travel with light speed (300.000km/sec) it would take you 4.3 years before you arrived.

We talk about 2^128 or 2^256 which is much much much much much much much more than 2^64.

I dont think the future will find this easy.

Unless there is a mathematical breakthrough that finds the solution in a few seconds. But these problems seem to have no easy solution - the only solution is to try all combinations. But you can not be sure, maybe there is an easy solution, but we are not clever enough to spot it. But mathematicians are trying to prove that the only solution is to try every combination - which seems to be the case. However, if you find an easy solution, then you Clay institute will give you 1 million USD, and you will be world famous as one of the greatest mathematicians ever.

Google "NP-complete" for more information on this. For instance, Mine sweeper is NP-complete. Basically you need to try every possible combination - in other words, there exist no Mine Sweeper strategy that solves the game, you just need to randomly try every square. If you find a strategy that always solves the game, then you will win 1 million USD and be world famous. Google "mine sweeper np-complete" for more information.

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