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Hardware, Embedded Systems Major bombshell, and sorry, but this certainly requires a breaking tag as well: HP has announced it is discontinuing operations for webOS devices - effective immediately. Just like that... The TouchPad and Pre 3 are dead. Eh. Raise your hands if this brings back those painful memories of that infamous 'Focus Shift'. In addition, the company also announced its intention to sell its personal computer business.
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RE[6]: If you say so...
by leos on Thu 18th Aug 2011 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: If you say so..."
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Uhm, it took Android 3 years to dominate the smartphone market and reach the 50% it's at now. The 'new' tablet market is about one year old now. In another year, Android on tablets will be where Android on phones was one year ago - about 30%.

So yeah.

You said: "Let me assure you - the same will happen to tablet. You'll be surprised to see what the tablet landscape looks like 12 months from now."

Android tablets have about 20% share right now (

So your prediction is that that will increase to 30% in one year? Fine, I agree, but that doesn't fit in with your earlier prediction that the tablet landscape will look significantly different in a year.

Right now the iPad dominates, and in a year it will still dominate, but by a lesser degree. How exactly will we be surprised at that change?

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RE[7]: If you say so...
by JAlexoid on Thu 18th Aug 2011 21:54 in reply to "RE[6]: If you say so..."
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He probably means proper tablets, not that crap that has been out for 12 months now...

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RE[7]: If you say so...
by jtfolden on Fri 19th Aug 2011 20:45 in reply to "RE[6]: If you say so..."
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That 20% share is in units SHIPPED not Sold. By Google's own figures there are only about 1.4M Android 3.x tablets in active use.

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