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Graphics, User Interfaces While the BFS scheduler is getting ready to celebrate its second birthday, in just three weeks AMD's open-source Radeon graphics driver strategy for Linux will be turning four years old . . . which has ended up being a game-changer in the Linux world. AMD continues to support open-source hardware enablement on their latest graphics processors and recently even hired more developers to work on the code and documentation. How far have they come though in four years?
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I sincerely hope they ATI/AMD OS guys will manage to match and overtake competition. But I will let others verify the result. I've done my part of fiddling with both Catalyst and OS drivers and I didn't like that experience. In big part that was AMD fault - they dumped majority of their Linux users almost at the same time they released the specs. Hard to blame OS guys for the state of their drivers at the time. Frankly speaking I have no time to fiddle with graphics drivers anymore. I went NVidia drivers on my RHEL workstation (work beautifully) and Nouveau drivers on my laptop (for easy upgrades, suspend to memory, and Compiz). Intel drivers are also an option, especially for netbooks/small notebooks, but (1) I'm currently using XP on such hardware, (2) Intel drivers are too unstable at the moment (but I'm sure they will be best in class really soon).

AMD/ATI graphics hardware stomps all over Intel graphics.

Some time ago I happened to be granted a modest award for which I could choose, amongst other things, a new low-end netbook. I chose this model within the allowed price range:

The CPU is under-powered, it has only 1GB of RAM, but the graphics capabilities absolutely stomp all over other Intel Atom netbooks of a similar price.

Now that AMD/ATI GPUs have good open source drivers, which no-one has to "fiddle with" as they work out of the box, there is no way that Intel graphics will ever again be best in class on Linux platforms. Not a hope.

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