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A serious-looking (German Language) article examines a rather preposterous claim: that a group of young hackers has produced "the first operating system that allows problems to run programs from Windows, Mac, [iOS] and Linux with only one system." Their outlandish claims ("every known program runs under UNIOS without driver issues!") drew interest from the local press, then skepticism. I wasn't able to find much information in the English language. So stay tuned here at OSNews, which will no doubt be covering ongoing industry-changing UniOS news as it breaks. Or not.
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by earksiinni on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 23:24 UTC
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Reminds me of when YOPER Linux was released. I can't find any of the initial press about it, but I remember they made the same claim at first and it caused a lot of hubbub. (Either it was that, or that they managed to integrate "all" of the Linux package managers into one system.) Last I remember, they were using Slackware tgz but with RPM as the backend (?????)

They've now been all but forgotten, though they're still apparently around:

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by UltraZelda64 on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 02:49 in reply to "YOPER"
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Although I never used YOPER as my main OS, I actually liked the distro--it really was fast, and I really liked their 2.x version. It really was fast and lightweight. Then Andreas left and joined openSUSE, KDE4 was swallowed up (so long for speed and light-weight...), and version 3.x of the distro was released, seemingly without the charm that its predecessor had. No idea what 2010 is like, but I recall being quite impressed at YOPER several versions ago...

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