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A serious-looking (German Language) article examines a rather preposterous claim: that a group of young hackers has produced "the first operating system that allows problems to run programs from Windows, Mac, [iOS] and Linux with only one system." Their outlandish claims ("every known program runs under UNIOS without driver issues!") drew interest from the local press, then skepticism. I wasn't able to find much information in the English language. So stay tuned here at OSNews, which will no doubt be covering ongoing industry-changing UniOS news as it breaks. Or not.
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The Proven Truth
by churlish_Helmut on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 16:26 UTC
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Nachtrag vom 23. August 2011, 17:40 Uhr:

Am Dienstag hatte Maik Mixdorf einigen seiner Kritiker das System vorgeführt. Dabei hat sich bestätigt, was einige Anhand unseres Artikels bereits vermutet hatten: Es handelt sich bei UniOS um ein angepasstes Windows XP, auf dem andLinux läuft. Bei dem verwendeten Theme könnte es sich um GSM VS handeln, wie uns ein Leser per E-Mail mitgeteilt hatte.

humble Translation:

Addendum , August, 23. 2011, 17:40:

Today Maik Mixdorf showed the system to his castigators. Due to this, everything, we presumed in our Article was proven. UniOS is a customized Windows XP, running andLinux. The Theme maybe could be GSM VS, as told by an Reader via e-mail.

Actually i just look like this: -________-"

Honestly, why there has been such a mini hype about this? No, i don't mean osnews.

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RE: The Proven Truth
by Hisoka999 on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 16:37 in reply to "The Proven Truth"
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Here in Germany we call it "summer hole"(Sommerloch). It is a time when not so many interessting things happening in the world. So in the end you try and make a news out off everything. So First hype it a little bit so that you can destroy it a bit later.

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RE[2]: The Proven Truth
by KLU9 on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 21:03 in reply to "RE: The Proven Truth"
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In Britain it's called the 'silly season'.

Although this summer, it seems they had a serious story or two to write about...

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