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Legal "Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, began arguing its U.S. trade case that Android-based smartphones made by Motorola Mobility Holdings use technology derived from Microsoft inventions. In a trial that began today before the International Trade Commission in Washington, Microsoft accused Motorola Mobility of infringing seven of its patents and requested a halt to imports of certain Motorola phones. The ITC has the power to stop imports of products that violate U.S. patent rights." Hey at least these patent trolls ensure we got stuff to write about.
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"If that's how you feel, then why bother reading these patent threads? Where is the problem?

Oh, you know... I figure if some of us do enough bitching about all these patent articles, maybe it might actually inspire Thom and his ilk to post a lot less of

You mean all three of you and the numerous mrshasbeen clones? Why do you come here just to bitch about the articles? You can... I don't know... just ignore them? Maybe? You know, I have zero interest in Haiku news, and I don't go trolling Haiku threads. You could do the same.

Patents are hot news because this is what is happening right now in this market segment (mobile/software) and it may have a dramatic affect on the future of innovation and consumer choice. Convince Apple, MS, Oracle, etc to stop this nonsense of patenting ideas and concepts, and voila, patent news will disappear.

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