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Google "Google has agreed to pay $500 million to settle a criminal probe into ads it accepted for online Canadian pharmacies selling drugs in the United States, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday. The advertisements led to illegal imports of prescription drugs into the country, the Justice Department said." Good. Companies should be held accountable for their evil behaviour.
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RE: Bull
by Berend de Boer on Wed 24th Aug 2011 22:24 UTC in reply to "Bull"
Berend de Boer
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Thom wrote this, he's a Dutch socialist.

Selling non-government approved medication now lands you in jail. Progress! Change we can believe in!

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RE[2]: Bull
by JAlexoid on Thu 25th Aug 2011 00:03 in reply to "RE: Bull"
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Actually selling government unapproved medication is indirect murder and is banned in the "land of the free" and all other very much anti-socialist countries...

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RE[3]: Bull
by james_parker on Thu 25th Aug 2011 20:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Bull"
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Free countries -- which pretty much means they are not Socialist, given that Socialism puts the group above the individual -- do not prohibit such sales.

Such sales are not murder, either direct or indirect, assuming that the seller informs the buyer of the nature of the product. Government approval does not make a medication safe, nor disapproval unsafe.

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RE[2]: Bull
by Neolander on Thu 25th Aug 2011 07:40 in reply to "RE: Bull"
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I'm curious : what brings you to a technology website if all you want to talk about is the free market as a universal solution to all regulation problems and how awesome it is in theory ?

Since your "do we really need regulation" post in June, you have brutally stopped posting about anything else. Like your account was hacked or something.

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