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Apple I thought OSNews would be a good forum to talk about a matter that has been weighing on my mind lately primarily because the site has been so focused on Apple's patents and litigation as of late. The news that HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world is spinning off or getting out of this business is what really prompted me to write this article.
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RE: This is just mystification
by moondevil on Fri 26th Aug 2011 12:07 UTC in reply to "This is just mystification"
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I think in these issues age clearly plays a role.

Many of the people arguing about Mac vs PC were not born in the 80's, thus they have not lived the computing evolution as many of us did.

When you were not there, you're bound to rely on 3rd parties which are not always accurate.

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I've lived in the 80s and in my world it wasn't about PCs or Mac. We all had home computers.

PCs were computers companies used, not people at home, Macs were computers you'd hear about, but never see.

Only in the second half of the 80's did PCs show up in people's homes and even then we wondered why you'd have a PC if you could have an Amiga which was much better.

Both PCs and Macs were pretty boring compared to any home computer.

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I guess it all depends how geek we were as children.

I had mostly contact with ZX Spectrum family, Sam Coupe and Amiga.

But there were a few Macs and PCs around as well that we could access on our high school.

The PCs were Amstrad PC 1512 that we used to play "Defender of the Crown".

It was also not uncommon to see some Schneider Euro PC II on sale.

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PCs were computers companies used, not people at home, Macs were computers you'd hear about, but never see.

Exactly. PCs were boring things usually equipped with green or amber monochrome screens that were only used for spreadsheets and word processing.

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The first time I saw a Mac in person was in the early 1990's ('91 or '92 probably). The 80's was all about the home computer, primarily the C64 and the ZX Spectrum and in the later half the Amiga (at least in Sweden). You also saw people with TI-99, Atati ST and on a rare occasion something like a Dragon or Oric. Our school had, for God knows what reason, Microbee. You could play some kind of cave adventure game and an educational game called Kepler.
PC's were huge, ugly and expensive office monsters with either dull monochrome display or the brain damaged CGA palette. Why you'd ever want one of those were a mystery to us.
Apple? Who? They make computers? Really? Lisa? The girl from school? Macintosh? Is he scottish? Oh, a computer. Never heard of it.

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