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Legal And we have another contender for the stupidest technology-related lawsuit of 2011. Do you remember RealNetworks? The scourge of '90s web users? Lucky for us, their horrible media player is no longer a requirement on the web. Also lucky, for those of us who occasionally run into content encoded in any of Real's codecs, there's Real Alternative (download here). Well, apparently, RealNetworks is not happy with Real Alternative (download here), as the US company has completely destroyed the life of the Dutch maintainer of a website who dared to link to Real Alternative (download here).
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RE: Come on, Guys
by Alex Hitech on Fri 26th Aug 2011 23:51 UTC in reply to "Come on, Guys"
Alex Hitech
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Shouldn't the first punishment prevent from performing the second crime?

If not, what's the purpose in punishment at all?

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RE[2]: Come on, Guys
by churlish_Helmut on Sat 27th Aug 2011 00:12 in reply to "RE: Come on, Guys"
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Well, it depends on what you do. If someone a murderer, he definitely should be punished to prison for lifetime at the first time.

But if you are an responsible person, an did some minor crime, you get something like an suspended sentence.

In this case, he is sentenced like an murderer by ruining his life by doing a minor crime... in my humble opinion.

Well and yes. I heard too they did something like this in saudi-arabia. I do not want to goof on the Saudi Arabian justice system, so this is a point.
Is that the same in the Dutch, Thom?

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RE[2]: Come on, Guys
by phoudoin on Sun 28th Aug 2011 08:59 in reply to "RE: Come on, Guys"
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For a punishment, first you need justice to decide it.
I'm not sure, but does the Justice ruled anything yet here?

If not, there is no ground for any punishment *yet*.
But corporates these days use their money to *threat* people, by ruining their life, without needed to have actual legal decision agreeing with their point: simply because sueing act will ruin people who can't afford the cost to defend themself.

I don't for you, but a society where you don't need to be right or even the justice to rule a decision but just big money to actually make *your* point alone against someone is not a fair society.

Whatever this guy did (or did not), it deserves the exact same access to fair justice. When the Justice, not RealNetworks laywers, will say he's culprit, here the punishment, then that could be called punishement, made on behalf of people (not RealNetworks) to the culprit.

Corporates instruments Justice now. It's no more justice, it's racket, revenge, abuse, it's "Take down or we'll ruin you in defense cost, even if we lost in the ends".

Justice is not that. It's not a personal tool for the few ones who can afford it.
Call it corporate justice, but not Justice.

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