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Graphics, User Interfaces "Recently, Brendan and I have been arguing about what can reasonably be expected from a multi-monitor OS (among other graphical stack things). We've reached the conclusion that nothing replaces real-world user data. So anyone interested, please answer this survey about multi-monitor setups and expectations ! (Results will be published here once the amount of answers has reached a steady state, I'd say in a month at worst)" (Source)
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RE: my experience
by WereCatf on Mon 29th Aug 2011 12:32 UTC in reply to "my experience"
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Install two or more browsers.

Why? You can just use ctrl+n to open a new window and move that other window to the 2nd monitor.

My conclusion.
With the increased productivity and lesser printing costs that bigger or second monitor pays for itself very quickly. It's also great for studying.

I have a few extra monitors lying around and I've tried multi-monitor setups a few times, but... I've never found any real use for them, they only serve as a distraction instead of being useful. I find it much easier to just alt-tab or resize windows so that I can fit multiple ones on the same screen so I don't have to move my mouse or eyes over such a long distance; I can just get a glance at all I'm doing with minimal eye-movement.

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RE[2]: my experience
by fran on Mon 29th Aug 2011 12:48 in reply to "RE: my experience"
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it's for e commerce purposes.
I work in chrome. but the link to the products is in a spreadsheet i open in another browser.
When i then open the product page (firefox defaul browser setting) it will open on the right side next to chrome.
The setup is thus. Chrome..Firefox in the first and Excel on the second screen.

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