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Graphics, User Interfaces "Recently, Brendan and I have been arguing about what can reasonably be expected from a multi-monitor OS (among other graphical stack things). We've reached the conclusion that nothing replaces real-world user data. So anyone interested, please answer this survey about multi-monitor setups and expectations ! (Results will be published here once the amount of answers has reached a steady state, I'd say in a month at worst)" (Source)
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RE: my experience
by andih on Mon 29th Aug 2011 20:06 UTC in reply to "my experience"
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Ive got an 24 at work, no way I need anything more than that: Thanks to awesomewm.

Without awesome (tiling wm) I would probably need 2 or 3x24", but what the heck.. If you have a big screen already, try a tiling wm before buying an extra screen, you'll be amazed to see how much space is used on useless bars, crap and blank space, and how useful it is to have tiling + several "desktops". I love the way awesome works. Switching "desktops" and moving programs around is done with keyboard shortcuts and is probably faster than turning head to a second screen:p awesome <3

Two screens + traditional wm + a lot of open windows = sounds like a unproductive mess to me.

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RE[2]: my experience
by bert64 on Tue 30th Aug 2011 13:19 in reply to "RE: my experience"
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Couldn't agree more, a decent tiling WM plus multiple virtual desktops is actually much easier to deal with than 2 or more physical screens... I have 2 24" screens on my desktop and i hardly ever use it, i do 99% of my work on the laptop which has a singly 17" 1920x1200 screen.

I can see multiple screens being useful when you need to monitor lots of things but not necessarily interact with them very often, and as a second best substitute for someone who's stuck with a lousy window manager that doesn't do tiling or proper multiple desktop support.

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RE[3]: my experience
by zima on Sat 3rd Sep 2011 23:07 in reply to "RE[2]: my experience"
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...or for someone who does different kinds of things than you, on a computer (believe it or not, such people exist; that could be possibly even most of the users). NLE for example, where two monitors are sort of a must for any level of comfort; the (good) software is almost intended for it.

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