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Amiga & AROS AmigaOS 4.1 has seen another update; we've hit update 3 already. This one's got all sorts of fixes and updates, including updated PATA and SATA drivers, updated Intuition and GUI components, updated USB stack with USB 2.0 (EHCI) support, updated and improved Warp3D support, faster 2D graphics support, various kernel fixes for increased stability, and lots more.
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RE[2]: AmigaOS laugh factory
by tidux on Tue 30th Aug 2011 21:06 UTC in reply to "RE: AmigaOS laugh factory"
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Given that the die-hard Amiga users grew up with Commodore in charge of their computing experience, anything an Amigan WON'T put up with generally falls under the Geneva Conventions.

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Yeah, no kidding. Out of curiosity i checked out the price on those ep4x0 boards with AmigaOS 4... the higher model is almost 900 freaking euros (with VAT)! For a motherboard! I understand it's a niche product, but my 8 months old core i7 system is worth way less than that...

I used to own two amigas back in the 90s and would love to play with amiga os again but at those prices it's just not accessible for me.

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Scumbag readers...

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