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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We're living in crazy times, that's for sure. Less than two weeks ago, HP announced it was going to quit making webOS devices. To get rid of existing stock, HP drastically cut the price of the TouchPad to a mere $99 - and this has resulted in a massive run on the device. Lines formed everywhere, and the device is now completely sold out. So, HP has just announced it is going to... Build an additional limited run of TouchPads.
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A couple of reasons:
by ruinevil on Wed 31st Aug 2011 14:07 UTC
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A) While they could just dump them and write them off for taxes, the disposal fees are probably more than shipping - whatever they get from the sales.

B) They want to sell WebOS to another company, and by doing this, they have created a 200,000 user global market that they can also sell.

C) As said above, they are probably still getting parts to build more, so they still have to deal with reason A and B some more.

I'm pretty sure they are losing tons of money on this, but the money is already gone. They are just making lemonade out the lemon they got with Palm and this TouchPad.

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