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Legal "In a scene straight out of Bizarro World, Apple's lawyers are crying foul about Samsung and recent Google acquisitions Motorola's allegedly 'anticompetitive' use of patents. Yes, this is the same Apple that has initiated a patent war with these smartphone rivals. And it's the same rival that has tried to remove competing products from the market, rather than agree to negotiate a licensing fee. And it's the same company that patented multi-touch gestures 26 years after they were invented at a research university. And it's the same company that allegedly doctored evidence in European courts to support its lawsuits against Android. Yet in Apple's rose-colored glasses it is Samsung and Motorola who are bullies. Apparently Apple is irate about these companies' countersuits, which rely largely on patents covering wireless communications."
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You might have a point there. Except Apple hasn't actually paid for those FRAND licenses yet. Maybe they should have done that before they started selling the product. Now its just one more brick to hit Apple with. I don't have much sympathy for Apple on this.

Not only that, but also consider that Apple are attacking other companies, and trying to get competing products banned, based on simple elementary concepts such as the fact that tablets and phones are rectangles, and that one needs to scroll when the text to be displayed is longer than the screen.

In what way are Apple's alleged GUI patent complaints any less required for interoperability (with people) than any that Apple are complaining about as required for interoperability with wireless networks?

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