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Privacy, Security, Encryption So, people from within Iran have hacked the Dutch company DigiNotar, allowing them to issue fake certificates so they could listen in on Iranian dissidents and other organisation within Iran. This is a very simplified version of the story, since it's all quite complicated and I honestly don't even understand all of it. In any case, DigiNotar detected the intrusion July 19, but didn't really do anything with it until it all blew up in their face this past week. Now, the Dutch government has taken over operational management of DigiNotar... But as a Dutch citizen, that doesn't really fill me with confidence, because, well - whenever the Dutch government does anything even remotely related to IT technology, they mess it up. And mess it up bad.
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Nice ratio
by avgalen on Tue 6th Sep 2011 01:01 UTC
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Almost 1 paragraph of actual content about something that you admit you don't really understand.
Followed by a rant about some failed projects that you have heared all the popular complaints about and wrote them down ad verbatim

Do you really think that standing in line for a trainticket, seeing that train you wanted to get on already leaving is better than the few seconds you have to spend "beeping" yourself through the gate? How much real abuse is taking place now and how much did the old systems get abused?

As far as I had heard of had problems with a person updating the page wrongly, not with "not being able to handle the load".

The new police software not being integrated into normal workflow is a problem of the central government or the local government? Serious question, I don't know .

The software for doing your taxes seems to work quite nicely by the way, even though it relies on certificates that were issued by Diginotar, you know, the company that this article is about.

I am not saying the Dutch government and IT are a good combination, but your examples aren't very good. They are biased and they are not very related to the topic of taking control of a TRUSTED certificate authority

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