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Privacy, Security, Encryption So, people from within Iran have hacked the Dutch company DigiNotar, allowing them to issue fake certificates so they could listen in on Iranian dissidents and other organisation within Iran. This is a very simplified version of the story, since it's all quite complicated and I honestly don't even understand all of it. In any case, DigiNotar detected the intrusion July 19, but didn't really do anything with it until it all blew up in their face this past week. Now, the Dutch government has taken over operational management of DigiNotar... But as a Dutch citizen, that doesn't really fill me with confidence, because, well - whenever the Dutch government does anything even remotely related to IT technology, they mess it up. And mess it up bad.
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RE: Can it really get worse?
by Berend de Boer on Tue 6th Sep 2011 09:19 UTC in reply to "Can it really get worse?"
Berend de Boer
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With private companies you get to chose if you want their services. With the government it's a monopoly, you don't get to chose if you use it, nor if you want to pay for it.

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Soulbender Member since:

Except I haven't read anything about the Dutch government monopolizing the CA business. You're still allowed to start your own CA business if you want to and you're free to not use DigiNotar.

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RE[2]: Can it really get worse?
by zima on Mon 12th Sep 2011 23:22 in reply to "RE: Can it really get worse?"
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Of course you can choose it. And not only by, say, finding large enough like-minded group of people for a peaceful coup and/or shopping for a gov that is to your liking on the world marketplace (and if there isn't any - tough luck, maybe humanity isn't for you*).

It is fairly easy to use hardly any services, and pay for none - being simply below the taxation threshold ...wait, what, you do want to live comfortably in an environment provided by modern society? Then don't escape from what is just the "cost of doing business" - you don't expect the landlord, who makes sure you have a comfortable place to live, to not get his rent money just because you don't feel like it, right? Or likewise with comfortable utilities you're so used to? (which BTW would be a disaster without regulation; not safe, immense waste of incompatibilities and duplication, etc.; with many people unable to choose water, electricity... most areas would be without these services if there were no intervention, as is still the case in many areas around the world)

*If humanity at large isn't willing to fulfil your whims, "deliver you what you want" to use your words elsewhere from this thread, maybe it's time so sign out ...or at least not be a hypocrite, not live where you benefit abundantly from the comforts provided by an integrated society.

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