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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Baidu, a company primarily known for its search engine in China, has announced that it is launching a new mobile operating system: Yi. The new OS is to be forked off of Android and Baidu will be providing its own apps and services in lieu of Google's apps. Those apps should include Baidu-based maps, ebooks, downloadable music, cloud storage, and cloud backup. There will also apparently be a custom SDK and app store for the platform."
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The ecosystem fragmentation continues
by usr0 on Tue 6th Sep 2011 23:31 UTC
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At the beginning there was only the hardware platform fragmentation problem: "Oh, it doesn't work on your HTC Desire? It works very good on my Samsung Galaxy. On Evo it works too, but crashes sometimes..."

Now also the software platform begins to diverge. Maybe Baidu will make their backup service even mandatory. 现在新的! The Gov Cloud — also available in your province!

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The Gov Cloud — also available in your province!

I was thinking more along the lines of: Big Brother in your hand, at no extra cost. It's sort of a catchy slogan, though it might not translate well.

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