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Legal Ah, so that's what Google's masterplan is regarding the defense of Android against the patent trolls. HTC has just launched a few more defensive patent lawsuits against Apple, and while that's by far no longer newsworthy, it is this one time. You see, HTC is suing Apple over 9 patents that have only very recently been transferred (namely, a week ago) from Google to HTC. The patents come from Palm, Motorola, and others. This means Google is giving away its patents to Android device makers. Nice of them.
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As long as the US government is allowing companies to sue each other over nonsense, and as long as there is the potential for money to be made while doing so, I suspect we will continue to see such lawsuits.

Software patents are written by lawyers for lawyers, anyway. They certainly aren't written for programmers...

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as long as there is the potential for money to be made

Ah yes, if there only was real money made. Patent lawsuits only waste money and shift money around from one megacorp to the next. One megacorp's "profit" in this game is the next megacorp's "loss". All paid for by the customer. It absolutely doesn't create anything of value.

Consumers haven't gotten any technologically better iPhones, Android phones , WinPho phones or Blackberries out of these lawsuits. If any, each won claim has given the winning manufacturer the opportunity to just sell the same phone with less incentive for innovation and the losers are artificially forced to sell even more inferior devices.

So who have won? The fat cats in the business of selling less for more.

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