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Legal Microsoft has announced today that it has reached patent licensing agreements with Acer and ViewSonic that cover Android smart phones and tablets. These companies join HTC [and several others] in paying Microsoft for each deployed Android device. Microsoft's strategic approach to Android is very different from Apple's. Where Apple is attempting to stop or otherwise delay the deployment of Android devices Microsoft is lining their coffers with royalties paid by OEMs for the privilege of shipping them. It's a strategy that is already generating more profit for Microsoft the its less then successful Windows Phone platform and could contribute dramatically to Microsofts bottom line going forward.
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RE[4]: Wakeup call
by r_a_trip on Fri 9th Sep 2011 09:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wakeup call"
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because it is not possible to restrict what the users get

Except that the Linux kernel is licensed under the GPLv2 and Apple would be free to just Tivo-ize their specific kernel. What good does a modifiable kernel do, when your piece of hardware rejects it on the basis that the signing keys do not match?

I don't think it is control over the kernel per se, that kept Apple off of the Linux kernel. I wonder how much of the good stuff in OS X, like Display PDF, hooks deep into the kernel. It may be a matter of not wanting to release the desirable features of Apple's proprietary software to the general public on account of that General Public License.

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