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Legal "Secret U.S. government cables show a stunning willingness by senior Canadian officials to appease American demands (more here) for a U.S.-style copyright law here. The documents describe Canadian officials as encouraging American lobbying efforts. They also cite cabinet minister Maxime Bernier raising the possibility of showing U.S. officials a draft bill before tabling it in Parliament. The cables, from the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, even have a policy director for then industry minister Tony Clement suggesting it might help U.S. demands for a tough copyright law if Canada were placed among the worst offenders on an international piracy watch list. Days later, the U.S. placed Canada alongside China and Russia on the list." Unbelievable. Suddenly I understand why the SFPD had no qualms about acting as henchmen for Apple goons to violate someone's constitutional rights. If a government is messed up, it only makes sense this is reflected in the corporate policies of its prime corporations.
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RE[2]: It is really sad.
by zima on Sun 11th Sep 2011 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE: It is really sad."
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Theft is intrinsically harmful under any conceivable civilization.

I think you might find it interesting how even that is not strictly true... even under the cultural sphere shared to a relatively large degree by most people here: (Fringsen) (here, with greater context of his words, it's clear he wasn't quite so forthcoming as suggested by the first link; but a) still, far from "intrinsically harmful" b) it seems like the first meaning is very much present in our collective culture & consciousness, it's easy to accept...)

PS. Yeah, I'm horribly late ;p ...and I think I shouldn't be able to comment by now, anyway; maybe it has something to do with un-hibernating a machine after a few days, one where I started writing this reply and few others (old session, cookie? Either way, it's bound to expire at any moment); might as well do "slow osnews evening" and finish them (maybe, it's late) - including one already long in our main discussion here (where you seem to be offended from seeing one adverb as an adjective; mentioning also popular myths people believe in, which in turn often influence irrational support & voting; no further replies possible but not to worry, you know by now that I keep it on a level, and where to find me)

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