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Humor I usually write about topics like operating systems and computer refurbishing. Today let's ditch that trivial stuff and tackle something really important like... How have computers and operating systems been portrayed on TV and in films? It's time we seek our inner geek. With this hearty sign of approval we're on our way...
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RE[3]: Wikipedia
by rcsteiner on Tue 13th Sep 2011 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wikipedia"
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There are many more groups on the planet than "Fundamentalist Christians" and "athiests", of course... :-)

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RE[4]: Wikipedia
by ParadoxUncreated on Sat 17th Sep 2011 11:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Wikipedia"
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Yep. That some people blindly attack a strawman like this.. I think we see people of similar cunning on the internet all the time.

My information is all about the mind, and that how it is divine.

This information is though often replaced with commonly accepted misunderstandings in religion, on wikipedia though.

Or even worse, completely fabricated trash like this:


"Both of the bodies were said to be fresh and intact while their open eyes were said to issue forth such divine light that the spectators' eyes were dazzled"

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RE[3]: Comment by Brynet
by zima on Mon 19th Sep 2011 23:19 in reply to "RE[4]: Wikipedia"
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Commonly accepted "misunderstandings" of any given time is the true face of religions; it's what makes them, what forms their actual dynamics, what drives religions as popular social movements.

Their true living versions are the frakked up versions; not the niche forms which stem from elevating the confirmation bias to art form by some statistically insignificant self-absorbed & presuming, self-styled thinkers, adepts of mental masturbation. The latter are a background noise without much of any significance (well, occasionally what one random one utters - in the sea of others - might stick, one way or another, in very evolved form, via societal dynamics beyond his real control or even grasp)

And the more we learn about our bodies - the more we study them and one of their manifestations, the mind - the more we realize how the differences with "lower" ones are quantitative. Even most of something so "obvious" to us as free will appears (from research) to be post-hoc rationalization rather than actual free will; a modus operandi which had an especially strong grip on us when most of the present core mythologies were being formed.

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RE[4]: Wikipedia
by zima on Mon 19th Sep 2011 23:37 in reply to "RE[3]: Wikipedia"
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There are many more groups on the planet than "Fundamentalist Christians" and "athiests", of course... :-)

But yet we would have many, many more if not for "Christians", among few, of course... :p (almost starting with Gnostics - unfortunately for them, following the true deity and uncovering the real nature of the mainstream Christian one as an usurper, the Demiurge, is a dangerous thing to do ;p )

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