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Windows Today, at Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft unveiled the biggest overhaul of Windows since Windows 95. The venue was not coincidental; in the same city, in 1993, during the first Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft unveiled Windows 95 for the first time. Steven Sinofsky, supported by an army of Microsoft executives, demonstrated a whole boatload of things for Windows 8, and make no mistake, they had a lot to show. Two important notes: the Windows 8 Developer Preview will be free to download later today (no activation, will be updated regularly, and includes the new interface), and Win32 is the past.
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Excellent Review
by fadingdust on Wed 14th Sep 2011 00:28 UTC
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Thom, seriously man - overviews like this is why I read OSNews! While everyone is playing the "first out of the gate" game, y'all wait until the dust has settled & give me something useful to read at night!

While I'm not a "power user" (though I could be/have been) I share your sentiments on Tablets, etc. So when it comes to new developments like Win8, I'm interested, but entirely distrusting of M$. I'd love to trust 'em, but I just can't yet. Everyone else is glowing about Metro, but somewhere deep inside me, I can't believe the hype. Indeed, we shall see.

Thanks man.

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